How Laptops, Social Networking and the Internet Have Influenced Teenagers

How are laptops shaping the lives of teenagers especially when combined with the social networking phenomenon and the wireless Internet capability. Websites like Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and more have totally changed the way we relate online. These sites connect friends and acquaintances and have the ability for one to build groups around their interests. Within these groups are members share special interests like other websites, video, music, software and more. Chat is also conducted randomly and the websites have applications that can tell which of your friends is online and which one is not. Then phone, cable network providers and Internet providers have made it possible for the world to experience wireless Internet. This means that with the pink laptop, one can actually be online while away from home.

Another reason why laptops are popular is because of the advent of the gaming craze. While computer games have been around for decades, the new generation of games is more intense, more intelligent and the graphics are way better and more realistic than even before. Games such as Madden, World of Warlock, Half Life, Doom and more have taken the gaming craze to new heights. Droves of youths and adults as well are now spending billions of dollars every year and laptop makers are positioning themselves to cater to this market by making laptops that have more speed, more power and more storage capacity (because of music and sound).

Computer manufactures conduct aggressive research into their target markets and this research has revealed that more laptops are now being purchased by younger people. This is all because of the factors we have listed above; the fact that laptops are now multimedia and gaming centers. Then there are many who actually do both-gaming and audio-video entertainment although all are part of entertainment.

Today laptops are not simply made for traveling businessmen, university researchers working on projects or lecturers and teachers. Laptops have become more geared towards the young who are crazy about music, videos, Internet chat and more. To accommodate this, we can expect today’s laptops to come with much more in terms of memory, additional accessories such as Bluetooth, webcam and extensive graphic cards. This also caters to the fact that more time is now spent outdoors especially where students hold study sessions out in the park or open field with fellow students. This is also necessitates that the laptops come with the capacity for wireless Internet.

The major laptop manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP-Compaq and others are attracting more youth into the laptop market by making it possible for them to customize the way the laptop looks and feels. This can be done right from the seller’s website or via the use of skins. These skins have made it possible for young to add artwork and even their own photo to the laptop outward appearance. The competition to look unique is intense as more graphics are added to cater to the different tastes. All this has made transformed the way teenagers work, live and interact.

Nokia N93i – Go Digital and Mobile…

The changing trends in the mobile technology has not only opened a new vista for mobile users, it has also given a new meaning to the mobile world. Primary meant for voice communications, new age mobile phones offer everything and you can even compare your phone with a PC. That’s why, latest and technologically advanced phones are often called as a mini camcorder.

Incorporating 3G technology, latest mobile phones offer more than what you can expect – from entertainment features to productivity tools – these phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life. These phones in addition to advanced features also support good memory backup – allowing more space to download documents such as files, music tracks, images and video clips.

The launch of Nokia N series is again a commendable effort from the company. All Nokia N series phones come equipped with unparalleled multimedia features and productivity tools – allowing users to manage their personal as well as professional world with equal fervour. Nokia has recently added a new gem in its N series phones, the Nokia N93i – this compact and stylish phone offers great music and digital features.

The phone with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics offers excellent picture quality. And with another VGA camera – the Nokia N93i provides DVD-like videos and users can enjoy watching videos on the move. And with 3G technology, users can also enjoy video calling. Its a new feature and that enables users to talk and view the person they are talking to. The phone also supports 1GB of miniSD – allowing users to save more images.

The Nokia N93i also comes with a music player and FM radio – download more songs and play your music tracks on the move. Or, you can also tune in to your favourite radio station. The phone has a wide 2.4 inch screen with 16 million colours – allowing users to view menus and applications with ease. And with 3G, EDGE and GSM – enjoy impeccable mobile connectivity.

Nokia N93i

Sony Ericsson M600i: Multi-Task and Style

Staying in touch gets style. Sony Ericsson M600i with a host of features help you keep in touch with your friends and colleagues wherever you are. Whether it is leisure or business, Sony M600i with its slim design and multitude of features has the potential to become your constant companion.

The slender design makes Sony M600i easy to carry, hold and use. The handset is slim enough to comfortably slip into your pocket or in a bag. Dual-function keyboard and dedicated functional keys coupled with touch screen and Jog Dial ensures hassle-free navigation. A large vibrant screen makes viewing images, watching video and reading email and messages pleasurable.

Business is always on the move with this Sony mobile phone. The complete business utility phone caters to the needs of high-flying professionals. You can send and receive email, get access to your corporate intranet and the public Internet. The M600i boasts of many smart business application tools which are fast, secure and easy to use. This mobile phone is powered by Symbian OS, to make it possible for you to add useful tools and applications like travel, navigation and organiser enhancements to your mobile phone.

Entertainment quotient of the handset gets enhanced by a list of multimedia facilities. Download songs and videos; enjoy fast-moving games and your favourite music on your mobile round the clock. In addition, you can make and receive calls while you are browsing the Web which makes Sony M600i, a true 3G multitasking device.

3G enabled facilities and advanced technology bring speed and seamless connectivity to your handset. The Sony mobile phone has 80 MB internal memory which can be expanded with memory stick, so that you store all you favourite tracks and videos. So, get a Sony M600i now and enjoy the comfort with style.

Sony M600i