The HTC Wildfire – For Your Entertainment and More

The HTC Wildfire is a phone that can very much entertain you, but there is so much more in store for you. From mobile entertainment to wireless information and from your mobile office to GPS capabilities, you get complete features with this touch screen mobile phone.

When it comes to entertainment, the phone has a lot of feature that you will surely enjoy. One of these features is a mobile application that allows you to quickly view images and videos stored on the mobile phone. There will be no more need to find images and videos in a sea of multimedia.

When it comes to storage, the phone will not disappoint. It supports up to a 32 Gigabyte microSD. You can store countless multimedia and files on these memory cards. In any case you fill up a card; you can easily switch to another.

When it comes to mobile apps, you can easily purchase and download or download for free on the Android Market. This does not end here. If ever you come across an app that is highly recommended, you can easily share the link with a friend by directly sending your friend the link of this app.

When music comes to mind, you can plug in stereo headsets on the 3.5 mm stereo audio jack of the HTC Wildfire and listen to the tracks you stored on the phone. You can also access the phone’s FM radio and listen to your favorite DJ, the news, or the latest hits.

With all the downloading and uploading you plan to do on this phone, it has to come equipped with high speed internet. The phone lets you enjoy up to 7.2 mbps of downloads and 384 kbps of uploads on a 3G network. This means that uploads, downloads, emails, browsing, and social networks will truly be enjoyable.

With the HTC Wildfire, you also get a powerful camera. The phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera, complete with Geotagging, flash, and autofocus. Your images and videos will surely be taken in high quality.

The phone also comes with its own GPS. You will get to enjoy an internal GPS antenna, Google Maps, and HTC Footprints.

When it comes to office work, the phone is all you will ever need. You get Microsoft Exchange support, email synchronization, calendar synchronization, and a company directory.

The HTC Wildfire is not just about entertainment; it has so much more in store for you.

BlackBerry 8520 Blue – A Multimedia Handset

Most of the people are now opting for the multimedia phones not only for the entertainment features but also for their various applications. In this multimedia handset race the brand blackberry is found to always come up with something new and user friendly. The new BlackBerry 8520 Blue is offering a cut throat competition to other brands.

BlackBerry 8520 Blue – the multimedia and business featured device

People who are looking for a handset that will not only suit their recreation taste but will give an aid to their business can look for this handset. BlackBerry 8520 Blue is a complete business and personal usage device.

Some of the features that are making it the most economical and famous device are:

One trait that most of the business phones need is easy navigation. People who are dealing with lot of phone calls and other similar information where one really needs to keep surfing over the phone this one is great choice. The QWERTY type keypad allows the users to navigate through the device easily and faster.The GPRS and EDGE technology offers world class connectivity. One can easily get access to the internet and mange their business at anytime and from anywhere. The presence of the HTML browser feature makes it convenient for the people to browse through the web.

To enhance the connectivity even more the excellent WI- FI technology had added a zing to the BlackBerry 8520 Blue. This feature allows the customer to get in touch with other WI- FI users. One can even make calls to other networks where this technology is activated. So the business will no longer have to suffer due to connectivity problems.

The other business class feature of this device is the excellent connectivity features.Another great feature that is making it popular is the Bluetooth. This adds to the connectivity attributes of BlackBerry 8520 Blue. With the presence of this feature one can conveniently make file transfers to other users.It is completely an easily navigable handset that allows the customers to switch over between the GSM and the WI-FI calls.

LG Viewty and LG Venus – Continue to Meet Users Requirements

LG Electronic is one the established brands in the domain of mobile phone industry. With its consumer electronics and mobile phones, the brand has unveiled latest collection which is backed with excellent performance and multimedia capabilities. Therefore, it can be said that LG has gained huge popularity after knowing more about the requirement of potential customers, which are ever-changing. The latest LG phones boast of advanced technologies, attractive colours and stunning looks. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that LG Electronics have come-up with durable handsets enclosed with astonishing designs and unlimited entertainment features. The classic and fashionable phones fulfill all entertainment and communication needs. The latest and advanced handsets which are appreciated by the users these days include LG Viewty and LG Venus.

The LG Viewty or KU990 is a feature-rich handset with impressive range of multimedia features such as a 3-inch TFT LCD Touch Screen, a digital camera, a music player, a FM radio and comprehensive messaging options. Apart from the multimedia features and functions, the phone offers built-in handsfree, WAP browser, Bluetooth, GPRS and 28 MB internal memory.

An integrated 5.1 megapixels camera offers some highly used image setting and photo features such as autofocus, xenon flash, digital zoom and dedicated buttons. The dedicated buttons allows the users to select camera or video settings with ease. The advanced video capabilities enable the users to record the moving footage at 120 frames per second. Moreover, the advanced video features can be used to edit and playback the video footage. Not only this, the Viewty offers a wonderful connectivity features with the help of GSM and WCDMA options.

The LG KU990 Viewty is truly amazing with its exclusive applications, as one can operate various documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file formats. Thanks to the built-in Document Viewer application, it has been made possible. Fast internet connection can be experienced on the Viewty, as it comes with WAP and Wi-fi features.

On to its counterpart, the LG Venus or KF600 is well known for its multimedia-rich capabilities and user-friendly interface. Some highly used outstanding features include a touch sensitive navigation screen, spacious colorful high resolution screen as well as ergonomic keypad. With the help of built-in 3 megapixels camera, one can capture and record images with ease and comfort. This digital camera comes complete with InteractPad camera controls which make imaging features fun & extremely easy to use. The 4 x digital zoom can be used to capture the far-off images with immense clarity. The auto focus feature ensures a perfect image is captured each and every time the key is pressed. Moreover, the built in flash can be used to capture pictures even in darker surroundings. The users can experience lively video recording clips which is made possible by video capabilities. The Venus is packed with all the features that users expect from a classic phone. The advanced messaging options keep you busy with SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging services.

On the entertainment front, handset supports a MP3 player and a FM radio. With the help of easy to use music controls, the users can enjoy favourite tracks on their widget. The FM radio guarantees full musical entertainment by offering the latest music, news and weather updates- around the clock. The fast connectivity options include EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB connection.

To conclude, it can be said that both the handsets satisfy the present need of the multimedia and communication requirements. But, if you want to explore photography skills then LG Viewty would be the best pick.