What is Multimedia Design?

This field exploits various content forms such as text in combination with graphics, page layout, video, audio and animations to create presentations. Such presentations can be used in education, gaming, kiosks, and corporations etc. It generally record, played and displayed contents on computerized and electronic devices. In addition to this multimedia content can also be utilized in live presentations. It is very much alike to mixed media of fine art but the scope is much broader than it.

Types of Multimedia Design – It can be divided into linear and non-linear types.

Linear Multimedia Design – This type of content does not provide any navigation control to the viewer. Cinema presentations are the example of linear type content.

Non-Linear Multimedia Design – This type of content interact users to control the working of content. Computer games and computer based self training programs are the examples of non-linear type content. Hypermedia is another example of non-linear content.

Important Characteristics of Multimedia Design:

o Multimedia presentations can be visualized personally on stage, projector, and electronic transmission or can be locally played on media player. Electronic transmissions can be live or recorded presentations. Such presentations can be analog or digital electronic media technology.
o Users can download and streamed multimedia presentations. Downloading and streaming is very popular among users.
o It also used in physical environment with special effects and multiple users in an online network. Network or offline computer, game system or simulator.
o Increasing interactions in multimedia presentations is now possible by combining various forms of media content.
o Online Multimedia design has become object-oriented and data-driven. It enables users to make innovation and personalization with multiple forms of content. Web sites photo galleries with both images and title that allows user to update replications. Users can alter events, illustrations, animations or videos of such presentations without reprogramming it. Latest advancements such as Haptic technology makes it possible to feel virtual objects.

Important Areas of Application of Multimedia Design:

It has wide application in various fields. Following are some important areas of application:

o Creative industries
o Commercial
o Entertainment and Fine Arts
o Engineering
o Industry
o Mathematical and scientific research
o Medicine

Windows Phone 7 Handsets – Enjoy Your Multimedia in a New Way

A long-awaited event in the mobile market has happened at last – Microsoft has finally unveiled its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. Now in a very short run lucky customers will be able to try their hands on first WP7 handsets. And the thing is they will have a really wide range of choice – unlike Apple, its primary competitor that conquers the smartphone market with just one iPhone, Microsoft in partnership with Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung announced the release of nine Windows Phone 7 handsets at once.

Besides the peculiarities and distinctive features of each model, all of them will have a number of functions and characteristics determined by the common mover they share – Windows Phone 7 operating system. It will partially define the appearance of the handsets, their user interface, and main functionality. Thus all of them will have three hardware keys (still there are variations – for instance, Dell Venue Pro – will additionally possess slide-down vertical qwerty keyboard), at least 4 inches touch screen display, powerful camera, etc.

As for user interface, its main distinctive feature will consist in so-called “hubs” – innovative way of organizing the phone’s menu. Still the owners of Zune HD will probably find the interface quite familiar, because they really have much in common. Every hub on the phone screen is not just a plain icon, but a way to deliver versatile and constantly updated information about a particular section. For instance, People Hub gathers and delivers information about all your friends from both phone contacts and social networks and is live, meaning that the information such as status update or picture change can immediately appear on your phone screen.

Windows Phone 7 Series will also provide its users with a direct access to their favorite applications and services, both for work and fun. For instance, Office Hub will allow to manage and sync documents between phone and PC, as well as provide an easy access to Outlook Mail application. In turn Xbox owners will have a possibility to use a mobile version of Xbox Live service, as well as purchase various games and applications from Windows Marketplace.

With any of Windows Phone 7 phones you will also have a straight and easy access to all your multimedia files. The Pictures Hub will show all the pictures you want, including uploaded ones, photos taken by your phone, or most recent pictures of your friends from the social networks. You will also be able to share your photos with your friends easily. And, of course, music and video files. As it was already mentioned, Windows Phone 7 Series has much in common with Zune HD’s interface. And the same thing repeats concerning multimedia – WP7 handsets will have almost the same music and video features as Zune HD. Multimedia player will allow the playback of your favorite songs and movies if their format is supported by the device. But even if you have your multimedia files in one of the unsupported formats, you can easily convert audio and video with a conversion software. And it is still possible to manage and transfer files with the Zune PC software.

All abovementioned and many other features of Windows Phone 7 Series will be available to the prospective customers by holiday season 2010, when first WP7 handsets will be released.

The Application Selection of Making Presentations

Nowadays, the application of making the presentation is divided into several categories. The main differences that are owned by their respective types of applications are generally located in the output files that are generated and the presenting media of presentation that is accommodated by the associated application.

The category type, output files, and presenting media of the presentation include:

Office Application

The use of office application is suggested for making the presentation of documents quickly and practically, with a brief and concise presentation. The integrity of office application allows the presentation of graphs, tables, and the data can be done easily.

Meanwhile, the flexibility in presenting the output file is very high, considering that in general, every computer has an office application in it. Microsoft PowerPoint is an application sample that is very commonly used for this requirement.

Multimedia Application

The use of multimedia application is recommended for making the presentation of documents that is interactive, automatic, and interesting. The use of effects, animation, graphic objects, as well as audio and video materials is more optimal if it is arranged through the application of this type.

Meanwhile, the flexibility of presenting the output of the presentation is limited. Generally, the output file that is resulted requires the application of certain aids to support presentation. This can be overcome by always preparing the source player of multimedia on the packaging of the presentation module. Macromedia Flash is an example of application that is commonly used for this requirement.

Documentation Application

The use of documentation application is recommended for making a presentation document with detailed and comprehensive material. This type of application is able to maintain the consistency of appearance precision and provide protection facilities on the document content.

The flexibility in presenting output files is a very high, even multi-platform (accessible from a variety of operating systems). In addition, the output files can be exchanged and presented securely via some methods (e.g. via internet). Tool of PDF Maker, like Adobe Acrobat or an HTML editor, like Microsoft FrontPage is a few application alternatives that you can use.

Based on the output and the presentation media that are supported by this type of presentation application, you can predict which application that is suitable with your need in making the presentation of documents.