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Apple iPhone – Comes With Edge and Wi-Fi

Everywhere it is Apple iPhone. Yes, the Apple iPhone is catapulting leaps and bounds getting the cult status in the domain of mobile users; of course, of its feature rich functionalities and high-defining features.

No doubt, the Apple iPhone has everything for everyone. Specially for globe-trotting executives, it is very much helpful and comes handy. Users will remain in contact with his friend, peers and colleagues, distance not at all matter with an array of high-end configurations. It comes with rich HTML email client and Safari. Safari comes as the most advanced and the latest web browser ever on a portable device, users of the phone can facilitate syncing the bookmarks from your PC or Mac. Moreover, the Safari browsers also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search. So, you can imagine the efficiency and flexibility the user of the phone would be enjoying.

It is worth to mention that the Apple iPhone is fully enabled to do multi-tasking, so users can read their favorite web pages of their choice, while at the same time download the received emails in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE.

What is EDGE? EDGE, acronym of Enhanced Data GSM Environment is a faster and the latest version of the Global System for Mobile (GSM) wireless service. The best point of the technology is that it has been designed to deliver data at rates up to 384 Kbps, which enables the delivery of multimedia and other broadband applications to mobile phone like Apple iPhone.

What is Wi-Fi? Any products in our case the Apple iPhone it means the product is interoperable with other products, even if they are from different manufacturers. Thus, it gives up the independence of compatibility with to other resource products and maximize its potential.

Facebook’s F8 and How It Can Affect The Way You Consume Multimedia

If you haven’t noticed that your Facebook page has changed, you probably haven’t logged on yet. Today, Mark Zuckerburg went Steve Jobs on us and had a F8 keynote event in San Francisco. In this keynote, Zuckerburg announced the many of new features that have arrived to Facebook including a timeline of your life, the ability to do more than just like shared material, new application permissions, a ticker on the right hand side that allows you to stalk what your friends are doing, and the one feature I really care about, the way multimedia such as music and movies will be presented on Facebook.

Facebook Will Keep You On Facebook

If you plan on watching your favorite television shows, movies, or willing to listen to some tunes, don’t plan on leaving Facebook to do so… With many partnerships garnered by Facebook, including Hulu, Spotify, and various news websites, users can get to their favorite aspect of multimedia without stepping off the site. From the mind of a consumer, you might not see much significance in this, but from if you are SEO minded like I am you’ll see that the people of Facebook are pretty much genius.

With this new feature implemented, Facebook will significantly lower their bounce rate, while also take away page views from various other multimedia websites. Why go to a blog or a news site when I can get all the information I need on a website when I can get from the social network platform that I’m signed into 90% percent of the time I’m online?

Who’s Affected?

If you enjoy multimedia and you enjoy Facebook, welcome to your new home. If you think you spend way too much time on Facebook, you’re about to spend a lot more time being unproductive. Most people are going to love the opportunity to stay on one website for all of their entertainment needs in one place. It really depends on how well this new plan is implemented to see if there is any major differences in the way we will consume multimedia online.

The blogs and websites that focus on entertainment and media (like myself) can be directly affected by the new features of F8. It’s as though Facebook put a Walmart around a bunch of Mom & Pop shops. I’m pretty sure most of us don’t have the financial capacity to align ourselves with the greats in the entertainment service. I’m not too worried though. It has always been up to us to create quality material to entertain our readers. It’s more than just posting the newest music or videos. It’s all about engagement. So what are you going to do? Are you going to fight Walmart…or are you to going to close up shop?

Business Article Marketing Works

Business Article Marketing is an effective, but underutilized tool by main street businesses. While it is widely practiced by internet marketers, the technique can work as well, if not better, for main street businesses. Your potential customer is looking for several things when they go shopping. For most higher price items, they need and want information to help make a wiser purchase decision. They also want to be confident in the vendor they end up buying from. Business article marketing is the perfect approach to deal with both of these customer needs.

What makes it even more attractive, is that it is virtually free, and ultimately the customer comes to you rather than you needing to search for the customer. Here’s how it works. First choose a single product you want to sell. Then brainstorm with your sales staff on the key questions prospective customers have when they consider buying. Your approach will vary depending on whether there are many key questions or just a few.

Assuming there are just a few, you will do two things. One is to write a simple web page to be tacked on to your corporate web site specifically dedicated to this one product. It will be written in such a manner as to answer all the likely questions and objections a buyer may have. This page need not be fancy and is probably more effective the less fancy it is.

The information used to create the web page is then rewritten into a variety of articles of 400-600 words or so. These articles are titled with specific information the customer might be likely to use on a computer search engine. Such as: “Brand Name Chainsaw QR23″, or “Chainsaws for Professionals” or “Chainsaws for Women.”

The purpose of the titles is to get your article found. They need not be attention grabbing.

You want to write a specific article for every major keyword phrase your customers are likely to do a computer search on. You can reuse much of the material from one article to the next, but try to vary them enough so that they appear different. If you are selling a chainsaw to women, make sure you explain why women will like the lightweight but powerful chainsaw, etc.

These articles are then going to be posted on as many of the thousands of article directories as possible. There are inexpensive services that will post these to the directories for you.

The article directories exist to provide useful articles for blog writers, ezine editors and others to use. All of these people will be allowed to reprint your article on their sites for free, as long as they include a live link to a resource box that you will add to the bottom of each article.

Your resource box will include a link to the specific page on your website dedicated to your product. People will read about it, and then click through to your page. Many will then read much the same information on your page and make their decision to buy.

If you have a complicated product you will not put much information on the product page. Instead you will display the product and offer a free report that the visitor can download in exchange for their email information. Once they provide that to you, you will send them a well written informative report outlining the merits of the product and the information they will need on the options and any considerations they need to keep in mind.

Rather than leaving it at that, you will follow-up with them periodically with additional informational emails. These are designed to offer more information, establish a positive relationship with the prospect and to keep you in front of your prospect during their decision making process.

The reason business article marketing works, is that people are increasing searching for information online prior to making a buying decision. They tend to resist sales pressure, but will eat up useful information. This is particularly true if they first find that information on an apparently neutral third party location.

By providing the information they need, you will be giving them what they want, It also helps build their respect for you as a vendor. You are now seen as a resource and not a seller.