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The Nokia E5 is an Executive Smartphone – It Performs to a Professional Standard and Looks the Part

The Nokia E5 has been equipped with 3G, Wi Fi and boasts a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging support. All pointers point to business users more than personal users; it is equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera and a 2.36 inch QVGA screen, you get a full web browser and an enormous array of messaging and e-mail services to boot. Nokia have made sure there is basic coverage for multimedia and entertainment but this device has definitely been focused on communications and professional usage.

Nokia have ignored Sony Ericsson’s attempts at stealing there valued customers with the Vivaz Pro and gone for the throat with this potential Blackberry beater; the E5, aesthetically is very similar to the Blackberry Curve, the keyboard is very well sized for typing messages and the screen has been installed horizontally for a wider perspective on messages and web pages. The colour variety the E5 is available in is much ranged; it can come in Carbon black, white, grey, brown and blue, Nokia have tried to make it accessible but again, you cannot imagine seeing anybody younger than 35 with a brown mobile phone.

As standard the Nokia E5 comes with a 2GB microSD card, however this can be upgraded to 32GB if you so wish. Nokia have the device running on the Symbian S60 OS; Nokia fans will find themselves in familiar grounds, the menu system is simple and the home screen is packed full of useful information and handy shortcuts to your favourite contacts, e-mail and various other sections like the web browser and camera. The interface is application based software which gives you the opportunity to download additional content at the Ovi Store; you can select from thousands of apps, loads of games and plenty of themes to keep your E5 experience fresh.

Another benefit of the Nokia branding is the Ovi messaging support with there free Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat features. Setting up e-mail accounts from the E5 is very easy; accounts can be set up and handled with Gmail, Hotmail and other POP users along with Exchange ActiveSynch, the IM client can process information from popular sites too with GoogleTalk and WindowsLive the pick of the bunch. Nokia have set up the E5 with social network integration to satisfy the modern generation; Facebook and Twitter accounts can be managed along with others; a lot of this messaging support is handled by the phones 3G technology which is consistent through the phones online activities.

A tidy 5 mega pixel digital camera has been pre-installed for the snap-happy users; it manages stills and videos perfectly well and you can utilise the E5′s sharing features to upload content to the web. The device is also equipped with a music player and video player respectively with them both handling multiple audio and video codec’s comfortably. The entertainment section of the phone also has an FM radio so you can keep up with your favourite shows and the 3.5mm jack lets you plug in and listen with your own personal headphones. Lastly, Nokia have remembered to add there Ovi Maps application to prevent there avid followers from getting lost on there way to there local Nokia store.

The Nokia E5 is an executive smartphone; it performs to a professional standard and looks the part too. the screen provides you with a decent overview of web pages and messages and the phones entertainment area is packed full of goodies for you to play with, the Ovi Store has tons of downloadable content for you to wade through and the interface is a familiar field of play for many mobile phone users. Nokia have achieved there goal in creating a powerful 3G device which will provide its users with everything they need to keep an organised business and social life.

How to Create an Interesting Multimedia Presentation

Nowadays, we are faced with the presentation almost every time. Generally, many of us use slide applications, like Microsoft Power Point or Open Office Presentation. Obviously, the simplicity of this slide application provides for limitation to be able to display an interesting visual presentation. Therefore, the multimedia application, like Macromedia Flash can help a lot.

Like a story, a multimedia presentation also needs to be preceded by an interesting intro and in accordance with the theme of material presented. For example; a multimedia presentation of Pepsodent Nightbrushing by SmartShell tells about the program and Pepsodent strategy that invites consumers to brush his teeth every night. The threat of night germs is the prologue of multimedia presentation.

Told in the intro, a child who sleeps at night is not free from the threat of oral bacteria. The germs remain in action even though the child is sleeping. For that reason, it is important to brush your teeth before sleeping. The use of music and sound effects also helps to build the atmosphere of the presentation. If you do not create an uninteresting multimedia presentation, it is impossible for the audience to be interested in seeing the presentation material further.

Then, you should pay attention to the content division of presentation, the right stage, and the presentation order. Visual, music, and sound effect that are relevant with the presentation material will keep the audience on being interested to pay attention to your presentation.

If the presentation material that you give is full of texts, set the gap among others by inserting illustrations, photographs, video or other applications. This step is should be done to relieve the burden on viewers’ eyes who tend to be tired when being confronted with continuous text.

Finally, end the presentation with the conclusion that directs viewers to the message you want to convey. If necessary, complete it with video or animation to visualize the various possibilities you can get from the implementation of the materials that you deliver.

The HTC Wildfire and Its Multimedia Features

Multimedia has now become an essential part of mobile phone technology. With the release of the HTC Wildfire, one question lingers in our minds before we decide to purchase the phone. Does the phone come with features that will satisfy our need for multimedia?

Multimedia has the ability to spice up out mobile and internet experience. You get to listen to your music; you get to watch videos, and you get to enjoy more from photography all from your mobile phone. Since today’s mobile phones can access the internet, you get to enjoy more from multimedia.

The Wildfire has so many features that will make you enjoy multimedia. One of these features is a surprisingly large display that is larger than other displays of phones of the same class. The phone comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen that has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with pinch to zoom capabilities. This simply means that viewing your multimedia on the phone’s screen has never been this pleasurable.

Taking pictures and recording videos is an essential component of today’s mobile phones. The HTC Wildfire has a powerful camera that will make you enjoy more from this essential feature. The phone comes with a 5 MP camera, Geotagging, flash and autofocus. With this powerful camera, you are sure to shoot and record quality pictures and videos.

When it comes to pictures and videos, the phone comes with a feature that makes viewing pictures and watching videos easier. The phone comes with a Gallery application that quickly grants you access to all of your image and video files.

When it comes to music, the phone does not fall short on features. You get to enjoy an assortment of audio files, which means that you can enjoy your stored tracks anytime and anywhere you might be. If in case you need to listen to an FM radio, the HTC Wildfire comes with its own.

If in case you need more multimedia files from the internet, have no worries. The phone is equipped with superior internet capabilities that allow you to enjoy as much as 7.2 mbps when it comes to downloads. Feel free to download anything from music to videos and pictures to mobile applications.

When it comes to multimedia options, the phone comes with an assortment of features that you will surely enjoy. This is the HTC Wildfire and its multimedia features.