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What Is Multimedia?

It is a term that has come out of the realm of the techies and has become commonplace. Almost everyone has heard it today but few know the possibilities it offers as a career option. Multimedia is more than MMS i.e. multimedia messaging system, a service provided by our mobile service providers. Let us first define, what is multimedia.

‘Multimedia’ as the name suggests is many medias together where ‘multi’ means many
and ‘media’ means a information transfer medium or a communication medium. What
could these ‘many media’ be? There are numerous and diverse ways of communication using mediums like-text, pictures, graphics, videos and sounds. Multimedia provides a platform to bring these mediums together to form a presentation, which is loaded with creativity and information that enhances the viewers experience with its interactive features. For example- CD-ROM and online games , e-card that you send to your friends and family, animated movie like Shrek, Happy Feet, The Lion King , kiosks, movie trailers, the special effects you see in the movies like the ones in Matrix, Superman, Spiderman, Men in Black and like, dynamic websites, computer based training kits. The list is long. The scope it provides, as a career is huge and is in various industries.

To start with first one has to decide which aspect of multimedia is one interested in or atleast know which one is one inclined to. The second step is to learn the computer applications. There are two ways of learning here- doing a degree course second, getting a diploma. Degree courses will have a syllabus that will cover designing concepts from the very basic to the advance level, formatting, writing, publishing and computer applications. It will cover all the aspects of becoming a multimedia designer and later you can decide what’s your forte. In contrast to this a diploma course will be of a shorter duration and will normally teach you the computer applications or softwares only.

Generally, people opt for the diploma courses as they are for shorter duration and with
the options that are available in this field, one need not necessarily be good with
drawing and illustrations, it is only if you decide to become a character artist 2D/3D or an illustrator you need to be good at it. There are a few basic softwares that everyone aspiring to work in this field should know like-Photoshop, Illustrator/Corel draw and Flash. Out of these three Photoshop is a MUST. It is a software that allows you to work with graphics and modify them as you want.

The softwares you learn depend on what you want to become. Softwares are customizes
and are meant to perform specialized tasks like Photoshop is mainly used for working on graphics, Flash for making web animation, 3D studio Max for making 3D characters, FrontPage and Dreamweaver for designing webpages, Pagemaker for designing content meant for printing and so on. Now for example you want to become a Web designer so you would want to learn -Photoshop, Flash and FrontPage or Dreamweaver. These will
form your base, from here you can keep updating yourself. For eg.if you want to learn the programming part of Flash, which makes the software really dynamic you would want to learn Java Script. Its an continuous learning process because there are new softwares coming up almost everyday in the market or more features being added to old softwares.

Job opportunities offered by multimedia are in the field of Graphic designing,
Web designing, Media, Gaming industry, Movies 2D and 3D both, Advertising, Publishing, making of Computer based training presentations, Criminal investigation,
Fashion designing, interior designing, Logo designing and like. It is a good option for people who want to work from home and there are plenty of sites that offer such projects.

It can be an interesting experience if you have the zeal to try and do something new and you enjoy creating something that doesn’t exist and the challenges that come along in the process of doing so.

The HTC Wildfire – For Your Entertainment and More

The HTC Wildfire is a phone that can very much entertain you, but there is so much more in store for you. From mobile entertainment to wireless information and from your mobile office to GPS capabilities, you get complete features with this touch screen mobile phone.

When it comes to entertainment, the phone has a lot of feature that you will surely enjoy. One of these features is a mobile application that allows you to quickly view images and videos stored on the mobile phone. There will be no more need to find images and videos in a sea of multimedia.

When it comes to storage, the phone will not disappoint. It supports up to a 32 Gigabyte microSD. You can store countless multimedia and files on these memory cards. In any case you fill up a card; you can easily switch to another.

When it comes to mobile apps, you can easily purchase and download or download for free on the Android Market. This does not end here. If ever you come across an app that is highly recommended, you can easily share the link with a friend by directly sending your friend the link of this app.

When music comes to mind, you can plug in stereo headsets on the 3.5 mm stereo audio jack of the HTC Wildfire and listen to the tracks you stored on the phone. You can also access the phone’s FM radio and listen to your favorite DJ, the news, or the latest hits.

With all the downloading and uploading you plan to do on this phone, it has to come equipped with high speed internet. The phone lets you enjoy up to 7.2 mbps of downloads and 384 kbps of uploads on a 3G network. This means that uploads, downloads, emails, browsing, and social networks will truly be enjoyable.

With the HTC Wildfire, you also get a powerful camera. The phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera, complete with Geotagging, flash, and autofocus. Your images and videos will surely be taken in high quality.

The phone also comes with its own GPS. You will get to enjoy an internal GPS antenna, Google Maps, and HTC Footprints.

When it comes to office work, the phone is all you will ever need. You get Microsoft Exchange support, email synchronization, calendar synchronization, and a company directory.

The HTC Wildfire is not just about entertainment; it has so much more in store for you.

BlackBerry 8520 Blue – A Multimedia Handset

Most of the people are now opting for the multimedia phones not only for the entertainment features but also for their various applications. In this multimedia handset race the brand blackberry is found to always come up with something new and user friendly. The new BlackBerry 8520 Blue is offering a cut throat competition to other brands.

BlackBerry 8520 Blue – the multimedia and business featured device

People who are looking for a handset that will not only suit their recreation taste but will give an aid to their business can look for this handset. BlackBerry 8520 Blue is a complete business and personal usage device.

Some of the features that are making it the most economical and famous device are:

One trait that most of the business phones need is easy navigation. People who are dealing with lot of phone calls and other similar information where one really needs to keep surfing over the phone this one is great choice. The QWERTY type keypad allows the users to navigate through the device easily and faster.The GPRS and EDGE technology offers world class connectivity. One can easily get access to the internet and mange their business at anytime and from anywhere. The presence of the HTML browser feature makes it convenient for the people to browse through the web.

To enhance the connectivity even more the excellent WI- FI technology had added a zing to the BlackBerry 8520 Blue. This feature allows the customer to get in touch with other WI- FI users. One can even make calls to other networks where this technology is activated. So the business will no longer have to suffer due to connectivity problems.

The other business class feature of this device is the excellent connectivity features.Another great feature that is making it popular is the Bluetooth. This adds to the connectivity attributes of BlackBerry 8520 Blue. With the presence of this feature one can conveniently make file transfers to other users.It is completely an easily navigable handset that allows the customers to switch over between the GSM and the WI-FI calls.