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The Slim and Stylish Samsung D Series Mobile Phones

Samsung Electronics is known to be the pioneers in the mobile communication industry. Being one of the most active members of a group of companies involved in designing and developing innovative mobile handsets with enhanced features. Samsung the company with vision, has been in the forefront in the design and development of mega pixel camera phones, multimedia phones and 3G mobile phones claiming its top leadership position in technology. Samsung D Series mobile phones address the growing needs of the people who seek business and fun aspects in their mobile phones and a robust connectivity and stylish designs.

Samsung D Series

The Samsung D Series mobile phones are very well known all over the world and the two specific models are Samsung D900 and Samsung D830. Each has its own defining characteristic to making it invaluable certain category of users across the globe. These mobile phones are contactable almost at any part of the world. They empower the user to widen their creative horizons using the enhanced imaging options. Samsung D Series mobile phones have set off a lot of useful, interesting and radical changes in the domain of mobile communication.

Samsung D900

Samsung D900 is the world’s slimmest slider phone that comes in a sophisticated ultra slim design. This is the most popular handset among users who look for stylish and feature rich phones for use in business and pleasure. It supports a variety of multimedia features and business functions all with its compact and slim exterior.

Samsung D830

Samsung D830 is the world’s smallest folder phone. This is tri-band compatible and has a host of advanced features like imaging, multimedia and business applications. Samsung D830 mobile phones are capable of making celluloid memory of moments in the user’s life

Samsung D Series Bluetooth

These Bluetooth Headphones are ergonomic and light weight facilitating longer use by wearing it continuously without any hassles and is perfect during jogging and traveling. The ANYCOM Bluetooth Stereo-Headset BSH-100 enables the user to talk hands free and also to listen to music in digital quality up to 12 hours and covers a distance of up to 10 meters. The A2DP technology makes the MP3 listening a pleasure while these headphones are compatible with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices or the iPod.

The Smart Phone Industry – Application

Application Development

A major factor analysed in this article, is the application development tools that the three different smart phones provide to their users.

The applications of iPhones are developed by users with the use of Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE). Xcode provides users with all the necessary tools in order to create the application they have in mind. Furthermore it gives them the option to test the application on a simulator before running it on their personal device.

BlackBerry users can create their applications in cooperation with Java and the use of JDE plug-in for Eclipse. They have the ability to choose Java or web development. In addition when they want to create Java based applications they can choose between the Eclipse environment and the BlackBerry Java Development Environment. BlackBerry also provides its users with online simulators that are free to download in order for applications to be tested.

Through Windows mobile, HTC mobile users can create their applications by reusing the Visual Studio and the NET development skills. The platform used in order for users to create their applications provides data connectivity and includes a wide range of programming models. Furthermore, it provides testing and debugging software to its users.


Moving on, a major factor is the multimedia functions provided by each smart phone.

For this area, iPhone certainly makes the difference; due to its leading iTunes application which provides users a fully operative iPod in their phone. In adding to that, it includes a 3mpx camera, a voice recorder, movie screening and others.

BlackBerry includes an enhanced Media Player, a Camera with a Self portrait Mirror and flash mode, a 480 x 360-pixel screen and others.

HTC was awarded the best audio recorder in 2008 and also includes the Windows Media Player 10, live TV, an auto-focused camera and others.

Standard Applications

Furthermore, in this section an analysis will be conducted regarding the standard applications the three smart phones provide.

As far as the applications area is concerned, iPhone is the leading smart phone in the applications area since it provides its users with applications of almost any use. The basic applications of iPhone include YouTube, stocks, maps, weather reports, compass and others; making it the most competitive phone in the smart phone industry.

BlackBerry includes a wide variety of applications as well; however it is mostly famous, due to its BlackBerry messenger application which has become a necessary tool in the business world. The BlackBerry messenger can be used for exchanging messages, pictures, voice memos and videos. It is also capable of organizing conversations lists and backing up contact lists.

HTC includes a large list of applications since it operates with Windows mobile including maps, games, twitter and many more.

To conclude about the Software and Application driver iPhone is probably the leading smart phone in this area mostly lacking in areas such as camera quality and abilities. Moreover, BlackBerry is a big competitor since it has penetrated into the business market. Last but not least HTC provides good services to its users, but has not been as popular as the iPhone and BlackBerry in Europe.

Sony Ericsson K610i: Slim, Light And Compact

This new presentation is simply a sensation from the Sony Ericsson, which has added a new dimension to the class of conventional looking phones. As compared to its predecessors, things have changed a bit as Sony’s joystick has been replaced by a 5-way navigation. Well, the Sony Ericsson K610i is an attractive mid-range 3G phone with so much to offer and it would really make the mobile users to go for Sony Ericsson mobile phone deals.

The Sony Ericsson K610i comes in an attractive variety of coloured casing, which includes evening red and urban silver. In the ever-expanding category of smallest 3G mobile phones, the Sony Ericsson K610i is one of the coolest 3G phones around. It comes with a well-designed metal keypad, which is very easy to use. The glowing keypad makes the navigation easy and the user can easily manoeuvre around the menus.

The Sony Ericsson K610i white has a compatible messaging service, which comprises of text messaging, multimedia messaging, instant messaging and email. Moreover, with the email feature, user can easily stay in control and check all the incoming emails.

To satisfy your ceaseless desire for entertainment, the Sony Ericsson K610i offers a wide range of features. With its 2-megapixel camera, user can easily capture stills and videos. The MP3 player is too good to give you that digital listening experience. For game lovers, its two timer-filler Java games come pre-installed. Moreover, there are other games to play like QuadraPop, Tetris-like puzzle and a graphic-rich 3D tennis game. If that’s not enough then, you can also download extra content such as ringtones, themes, message alert tones, games and applications.

To give you that personal feel, the Sony Ericsson K610i comes with a picture phone book. User can use this feature to get that personal feel. There is a flight mode feature, which can be used during long flights to get easy access, to check calendar, to view emails. You can also listen to your favourite music during those long flights.

The Sony Ericsson offers the user an efficient and quite fast mobile Internet experience. It comes with a NetFront web browser, which is simply superb and good for surfing the World Wide Web.