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Nokia N95 8GB – Memory and Storage Powerhouse

As mobile phone, camera and computer technologies converge, there are some powerful contenders vying for the number one Smartphone spot in users hearts and minds. One of the more notable entries in this ongoing competition is the Nokia N95 8GB.

The new N95 carries one of its biggest improvements and is named after it – eight gigabytes (8GB) of internal flash memory for storing music, pictures, ring tones, movies and map data. One hundred (100) megabytes of internal dynamic memory are reserved for storing videos and images as well as personal information such as calendar entries and for other applications. The dynamic memory is used to store up to 30 days of call information including dialed, received and missed calls.

Although the MicroSD slot has been removed to the frustration of some users, an enhanced USB interface should make any drawbacks to the change unnoticeable for most users, and will actually prove to be an added feature for many. The ongoing development of the tools and applications for Nokia users means that the USB connection can be used for superior synchronization between phone and computer, and the N95 8GB even supports remote over-the-air synchronization. One of the sweetest improvements we love is the ease of drag and drop for moving information back and forth. They’ve even enhanced the ability to synchronize with other compatible Nokia devices.

One hundred and twenty eight (128) megabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) gives the user an experience of ease and speed (On a side note, in some areas a 95 MB version is available). The 442 MGz (megahertz) CPU (Central Processing Unit) drives the phone and goes a long way towards enhancing the usage of any multi-media as well as the camera phone itself.

Leveraging the expanded storage is made easier with the ability to download Java applications over the air. Data is useless without the needed tools to use it, and this small tweak by Nokia made customizing the N95 with the tools we needed almost effortless and greatly improved our ability to make use of it.

As power users, we do typically prefer using a keyboard, and the N95 does support use of a wireless keyboard, sold separately – of course. Although using the wireless keyboard proved cumbersome in some of the situations that we found ourselves in on the go, it did greatly improve overall performance and productivity for us.

The user interface that lays over the applications and data is easy to use, fast, sleek and efficient and offers superior touch screen technology. In contrast, other phones that we’ve reviewed offered a frustrating lack of sophistication in their touch screens and we often found ourselves backtracking to the right menu selection when the touch screen was unable to accurately track our selections. There are dedicated media keys and a multimedia menu, helping to separate out some of the functionality from the productivity tools that we tend to use more often.

The N95 8GB by Nokia is already proving it’s value in the marketplace, and as more and more users try it is building a reputation for power.

Trends and Practices in Silverlight Development With Silverlight Developers

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser client framework that facilitates the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Application). It is an effective development platform for Rich Media application and also for creating applications for websites, desktop as well as mobile devices, especially smartphones. Silverlight, like Adobe Flash, is a free plug-in which is powered by Microsoft that is compatible with a plethora of browsers, portable devices and operating systems. Silverlight is known for featuring a lot of interactivity between the user and the interface and also for providing impeccable user experience.

Silverlight is based on the retained mode graphics system and easily integrates 3D animation, vector graphics coupled with multimedia. Everything is encapsulated in a single runtime environment. Silverlight comes up with a rich class and user interface library and also supports powerful languages like Visual basic, Asp.Net, C#, etc.

There are many companies offering Silverlight development services and expert Silverlight developers for meeting your needs. Most of them have a huge team of experienced Silverlight Developers who are adept in developing high quality and interactive applications.

Benefits of using Silverlight Development

- Design incredible apps for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)with the help of Asp.Net technology
- The application works well with different devices including mobile devices
- Engages the users with a great UI and interactivity for better experience in nearly all browsers
- Quick streaming of impeccable audio, video, animation and stylized graphics
- Supports LINQ and LINQ-to-XML
- A huge range of compatible third party codecs
- Consistent user experience without glitches in any platform
- Run client side application without having to load the page

Companies have tried to differentiate their Silverlight Web Development Services and offerings by tweaking them. Most of them generally offer RIA Development with Silverlight along with audio and video integration. The services include development of multimedia and animation-rich websites along with creation of Silverlight applications and UI design. There is a huge demand from different organizations to create widgets and development of third-person action games for the Windows based mobile phones. Silverlight integrated with feature-rich technology like JavaScript and Ajax helps in enhancing the overall experience too.

Offshore software development firms are known to deliver great quality and professional web development services to our clients. We offer support even after the project is completed. The basic requirement for any project is that the final product must meet client requirements. That is the basic measure of how a vendor has performed in a project from the initial design to final stage.