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Cisco WebEx Capabilities for Audio Video and Web Conferencing

When you are unable to meet in-person with your customers, colleagues, or partners, Cisco WebEx™ technology is the next best alternative. Meet, present, share, and collaborate on content with as few as 3 or as many as 3,000 participants – all on the web.

Cisco WebEx has what you need to get the job done right. And because it is delivered over the Internet as you need it, you eliminate the hassle of required downloads, updates, and maintenance.

Whether you want to schedule a conference in advance or conduct one on the fly, Cisco WebEx one-click meetings makes starting your conference as quick and easy as a click of your mouse. You can launch a conference from Microsoft® Office, Outlook®, or your own personalized Cisco WebEx URL, and invite your participants via email, text, or instant message.

Once inside your virtual conference room, Cisco WebEx’s multipoint video integration in standard and high-definition lets you incorporate real-time video. Multimedia content, application and desktop sharing provide a more engaging and effective experience for your participants, and give you the ability to grant participants control if you so choose. Documents and presentations can be shown in full screen or zoom mode with no degradation in image clarity or quality. True browser-based web page co-navigation allows hosts to guide participants through any website with the option to share control.

In addition, Cisco WebEx web conferencing, audio conferencing and video conferencing services provide a robust list of features, including polling, integrated audio controls, note taking panel, distribution lists, Lotus Notes®, Microsoft Office and Outlook integration, floating icon tray, auto-play presentations, desktop collaboration and application sharing, and support for PowerPoint® animation and transitions.

Finally, with the record, edit and play back feature, you can record and then edit your entire conference or desktop application for future play back. Once saved, your participants will be able to listen and view your recording offline. Conference transcripts – can be kept with the conference host or sent to all participants to ensure all post-conference decisions/actions are conducted in a timely manner.

Cisco WebEx technology allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere, across platforms and devices, whether they’re inside or outside your firewall. If you’re interested in learning more about what Cisco WebEx can do for you and your business, give us a call today! FastBlue Conferencing is an online one-stop shop for all breeds of conferencing services, including web and audio conferencing powered by PGi, Adobe® Connect™ Pro, and InterCall®.

Red and Blue Edition Nokia 5800 Are Joined by New Nokia 5800 Silver and Black

Whenever you think of getting yourself a new mobile the first option that comes to your mind is Nokia. Nokia has proved its credentials in terms of technology, features and services. The manufacturer has gained the confidence of the user with its wide range of mobiles. This time Nokia has brought the 5800 to impress the users. The Nokia 5800 is a complete phone with wide array of features that are needed in today’s time of technological advancement.

Initially, this new music phone was released in a red colour scheme and more recently in blue, the colour relates to the outer strip around the exterior of the handset. Now the manufacturer has launched a third colour variant called the Nokia 5800 Silver Black edition, this new model simply replaces the coloured strip with a new sleek silver look.

The Outer Shell

The first thing about any mobile phone that leaves an impression is its physical appearance and the looks. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music will surely satisfy you in this ground. The phone has good looks with sleek and smart design. The display of the phone is attractive with 3.2 inches of touch screen that along with pixel count of 640 X 360 makes it even brighter. Around 16 million colors of the display gives it vibrant looks that one can adore. There are multiple input options in the phone that includes user interface, mini QWERTY keyboard, an alphanumeric keypad and other physical buttons for music, camera and other features.

Connectivity Features

The XpressMusic Nokia 5800 Silver and Black has advanced features for communication and connectivity. It supports various forms of data network that includes HSCSD, CSD, GPRS, WLAN, TCP/IP and WCDMA. Web Browsing in the phone is facilitated with support to multiple options. The phone has OSS browser, TCP/IP support and Nokia Mobile search feature. It also supports various markup languages like HTML, XHTML and WML. The protocols supported by the phone include HTTP, XHTML, Java Script and WAP. You will never get lost with the integrated GPS along with the Nokia maps available in the phone. The phone also supports Bluetooth, Nokia OVI Suite, MTP and TV out option.

Software and Applications

The Black and Silver Nokia 5800 has Symbian S60 as operating system. The phone has the Symbian OS version of 9.4. Other software in the phone includes Media Bar that gives immediate access to the media player, Contacts Bar that facilitates to see the history of a particular contact on the home screen with one touch. There are variety of applications supported by the phone which are Java TM MIDP 2.0, Flash Lite 3.0, PC Download, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music Store, PC Photos, Map loader and many others. Beside the available application in the phone you can also add other applications in it.

Multimedia Phone

Without good multimedia features a phone is incomplete. Nokia 5800 has good multimedia features that make this phone a good choice. The phone has 3.2 MP of camera with resolution of 2048 X 1536. The Carl Zeiss Optics in the phone gives excellent picture quality. Additional features are auto focus, DUAL LED flash, white balance control, flash modes and many others. The phone is also capable of video recording besides taking still images.

For the music lovers the Nokia 5800 in either Red, Blue or the new Black and Silver is an excellent choice. It has NSeries Digital Music player that supports multiple audio formats. The options of play list, equalizer, and selection on basis on track, genre and artist enhances the overall enjoyment. The integrated speakers with surround sound give superb quality of music.

Webroot Antivirus and Its Main Features

With the growing use of computers & Internet, computer security issues are popping up and so are mushrooming antivirus solutions in the market. Everyday a new antivirus product is launched in the market with a thousand promises to safeguard a customer’s computer.

Webroot is one of the oldest and trusted antivirus products in the Worldwide PC Security Market. Its latest Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is an advanced antivirus solution and proclaims the features of an antimalware too. It scans for virus and worms trying to harm the user’s computer. It also keeps an eye upon the internet traffic to the user’s system as also warns the user against malicious sites containing spyware and worms which may prove to be futile for the computer. Moreover, Webroot Technical Support is there to help the customers in any instance of problematic issues.

Unlike viruses, spywares try to steal valuable information from the user’s computer to send it to some else intended to use it for unfair purposes. Webroot identifies these spies and terminates them from the user’s system. It also bars the malwares & spywares to enter the system too. In true sense, it insulates the user’s computer from the trespassers.

The main features of Webroot are featured as under;

• Easy installation

• User friendly interface

• Malware detection expertise

• Free cloud space

• Gamer mode

• Multilayer security

Webroot is light antivirus software so it can easily be installed on a computer without hogging on much space on a computer. It can easily be installed by the user yet sometimes a user may find some problems in installation. Webroot Tech Support is ever ready to help the users in the installation procedure.

The interface used by web root is quite attractive & user friendly. It allows the user to navigate through different applications with ease. Webroot exhibits its expertise especially in dealing with malwares and worms which are being neglected by the other antivirus software. It offers the user 1GB online space to backup the data and to retrieve it as and when needed from any corner of the world. Gamer mode is an additional feature provided by this Antivirus interface which caters to the users with multimedia and music related interests.

Webroot Antivirus provides the users with multilayer security against virus & malwares. Constant scanning and updating keeps the user’s computer safe from virus threats.

Despite of all the positive factors, few users are also face issues with Webroot Antivirus products. Following are its few common problems: -

1. Issues in installing the Webroot product

2. Unable to install its latest updates

3. Problem in activating the antivirus

4. Unable to install the upgraded Webroot version

If you are facing any of the above or other problems with Webroot, then it is recommended to take help of experts instead of self-troubleshooting as it can lead your computer to crash or other consequences. To help you out, the Webroot Technical Support is the handiest ever help available to its customers in such any trouble.