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Sharepoint 2010 Is Self Contained Application Framework

SharePoint 2010′s capabilities help companies quickly respond to changing business needs. In addition to sharing of documents, creation of workflows, group/team sites etc. advanced search and collaboration features have been added into the portal making it much desired for both intranet and internet web presence. Inheriting striking features from Office 2007, it has a ribbon bar at top, much like the one in Office ’07, to perform common tasks associated with the site pages and data. The latest version of the portal is far more efficient and user friendly in comparison to its earlier versions. It helps cut substantial training and maintenance costs, saves time and effort, and aptly prioritises business parameters. It’s new and fast Search Server 2010 provides for rich and efficient people and data search experience. Many inherent new and powerful capabilities used in collaboration with Microsoft Silverlight development, make Microsoft SharePoint 2010 portal a self contained application framework.

Several Microsoft Silverlight developer components enhance the novelty of the platform, providing a rich interactive user interface in SharePoint 2010 and are capable of producing user experience beyond what’s possible with standard HTML/JS constructs. Many say that it is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash. Silverlight Web Part Visual Studio 2010 Extensions automate the creation and configuration of projects and assets used for deployment of applications while clubbing sample data with Expression Blend improving the design experience. The web parts essentially overcomes the sandboxed limitations, associated with earlier versions of SharePoint and helps developers to produce Rich Web Applications, through hassle-free and quick development cycles and very little code.

Silverlight Client Object Model allows developers to establish easy interactions with SharePoint 2010 from their applications easily – without having to write server-side code and to depend on the web services and their inherent limitations and complexities. Silverlight developer applications access SharePoint 2010 data and services using web services those increase the reach of both the data as well as the services. Both-way Interaction of the managed code inside Silverlight with the JavaScript and jQuery inside the hosting HTML page has got easier than ever before. Since one can use the MVVM pattern to separate the presentation from the processing later, it is far easier to change the look and feel of applications. Taking it further ahead, Out-of-Browser (OBB) applications, hosted by the client, can use the Portal’s remote APIs to access the portal data and services.

SharePoint Designer 2010 provides the features and tools needed to brand sites and add applications to the master pages, making it the perfect tool for power users who may not have experience developing solutions using Visual Studio, yet need to enhance the look and feel of their sites. Easier development initiatives in cloud environment, robustness and increased performance and functionality of navigation are compelling features of Silverlight development.

The developer community can take full advantage of the rich visual capabilities offered by Silverlight and include them in a SharePoint 2010 site, the rich and interactive content offering an incredible new world of possibilities. For example, one can offer an interactive balanced scorecard with animated graphs, rich navigation capabilities, and context menus. The benefits of using the technology are numerous. Since the codes run on the client, one can take advantage of the client computers accessing the Portal 2010 Server. One can utilise threading and asynchronous calls to offer responsive user interfaces and to take advantage of modern multi-core microprocessors in client computers offering great response times. Rich controls, animations, and exhilarating multimedia effects are achieved without overloading the server. It is this Silverlight development capability of isolating processing on the client that creates a self-contained application out of the Portal. Silverlight being cross-browser capable offers improved Out-of-Browser features to create applications those interact with the portal server yet run in the desktop, out of the web browser. It is a cakewalk building new capabilities quickly leveraging existing Silverlight knowledge, components and applications, integrating them with SharePoint 2010. Whether deploying an Intranet or an Internet solution, Silverlight development approach can really help make ones applications come to life on the SharePoint 2010 server, creating a compelling developer story!

HTC HD Mini – The Multimedia Device

The mobile multimedia market is expanding and people look for variety of applications in one handset. When all brands are participating to reach the top HTC too will not be lagging behind. This brand is outshining other models. With the news to launch HTC HD Mini the entire multimedia market has been under a great challenge.

While making a choice for the handset it becomes really tough as one gets confused due to so many options existing. Especially when it comes to choosing a multimedia device it becomes even more difficult as one is unsure about the quality that is offered. When talked of quality one can trust HTC as it has world class quality and applications to give its users and the new HTC HD Mini is a live example of this.

Some of the multimedia applications to make it popular are:

With people who have been looking for some handset with excellent camera quality this one is the best choice. The 5 megapixels camera is a sure shot to give excellent picture and video quality and one does not need to carry any extra digital camera.The cameras resolution of HTC HD Mini is a great aspect. It can resolve up to 2595x 1944 pixels. The 5 mp camera with such great resolution one cannot doubt the image quality and to enhance the camera quality the auto focus function is also present

This handset can act as a source to get online anytime due to its excellent connectivity features. The HTC HD Mini is well supported by the HTML browser and so one can browse through the web easily.

The presence of GPRS & EDGE applications is making the users feel even more delighted as all these applications are allowing a fast speed and better approach online.

The presence of 3G feature is making it even more worth. One can even cut down on call expenses by making full use of the WI-FI application. This wireless feature allows the users to make calls to other Wi-Fi users free of cost and so one can save a lot. Apart from this the Bluetooth facility allows easy and fast data transfer medium.

Latest Samsung Phones Come With Unparalleled Navigational Ease and Elegant Looks

All most all the handsets from Samsung are well-designed and are preloaded with innovative mobile technologies and applications. They are available in fascinating colours and are priced at reasonable rates in the market. The users of the Samsung gadgets get ultimate entertainment as these devices are embedded with multimedia features. These features include digital camera, video player, video recorder, Java games, MP3 player and FM radio. Besides all the entertainment features, they have messaging services like SMS, MMS, E-mail and instant messaging. You can access the Internet websites as well as can check and send emails whenever you want as the latest Samsung phones come with a high-speed Internet browser. As most of the mobile lovers of this modern age desire to download their favourite songs, videos and games from the Internet to their mobile phones, this reliable mobile manufacturer introduced its handsets by pre-loading all the data transfer features including wireless Bluetooth connectivity and USB port.

The main cause behind the success of Samsung mobile phones is their elegant looks. They grab the users attention at first sight. Due to their slim dimensions, smart looks and lightweight, most of the modern mobile users are giving priority to these widgets. the Samsung S3030 Tobi, the Samsung U810 Renown, the Samsung i8510 Innov8, Samsung i770 Saga, Samsung A867 Eternity, Samsung M8800 Pixon, Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani and the Samsung D980 are some of the latest Samsung phones which are recently released in the market. All these devices come with unparalleled navigational ease and surely allure the users with their stylish looks.

The Samsung i8510 Innov8 mobile phone added more credit to Samsung as it has created sensation in the world of handsets. The mobile users across the globe are stunned by finding this mobile phone with a power-packed 8.0 mega pixels digital camera feature that comes along with all the innovative high-end technology camera additional features. Anyone can take digital clarity images with the camera feature of this amazing phone as it has image stabiliser, auto-focus and flash features apart from Camera geo-tagging, auto-panorama shot, face, smile and blink detection features. To edit the unwanted videos, one can use its video its editing feature. To facilitate making video calls as well to watch your loved ones on the screen of this gadget, it comes embedded with a secondary video call camera. v9.3 Symbian Operating System is installed in the Innov8 device. The bright 2.8 inches TFT display is one of the most attractive features of this stylish phone.

One more latest gadget of Samsung is the Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani that comes with a lightweight of 90.2 grams and has slim measures of 114.9 x 47.4 x 12 mm. This GSM-enabled mobile phone has a OLED 2.2 inches display that supports up to 256K colours and offers a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This modern technology device comes embedded with an internal memory of 120 MB and has a microSD (TransFlash) card slot that supports memory cards up to 16 GB. Class 12 GPRS, class 12 EDGE, HSCSD, 3G-HSDPA, Bluetooth connectivity and USB v2.0 support are the data transfer features of this Armani widget. To take images, to record videos as well as to make video calls, this slim phone is equipped with a 3.2 mega pixels digital camera, video recorder and secondary video call camera features.

To satisfy the needs of the mobile users, who want to get a touch screen mobile phone at an affordable price, Samsung launched the D980 gadget at a reasonable price and modern touch screen features. The 2.6 inches colourful TFT touch screen and 5.0 mega pixels digital camera are the sumptuous features of the D980 phone from Samsung. This is a perfect match for the users, who what to enjoy with dual SIM card facility.

To know more details about the Samsung latest phones, you can surf the Internet websites.