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Online Bachelor Degree in Art and Design

A career in art and design is ideal if you have artistic talent and a flair for its practical applications. Nowadays, there has been an ever increasing demand for graphic artists and designers thanks to the computing, entertainment and related industries that have contributed to it. Also you need to be creative and have good visual and aesthetic sense. An online bachelor’s degree in art and design can give a perfect boost to your career prospects while you continue to work or pursue other interests.

Some of the topics that are covered in the course include: fashion designing, animation and multimedia, interior designing, web designing, graphic designing, game designing etc. With the advancements in the technological field, these fields are becoming highly specialized. The successful completion of an online bachelor’s degree in arts and design ensures that you get highly paid than the high school pass outs. It is very important that you have:

  • A knack for color, design, tones, and a visual sense.
  • A knack for creativity, and also certain conceptual skills.

An online bachelor’s degree in arts and design provides you with technical training and the practical skills required for meeting the challenges in the workplace. Some of the popular courses in arts and design include:

  • BSc. in Animation
  • BSc. in Web Design and Multimedia
  • BS in Visual Communications
  • BS in Interior Design
  • BS in Game Art and Design
  • BS in Fashion and Retail Management
  • BS in Media Arts and Animation
  • BS in Multimedia and Animation
  • BS in Web Development
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications
  • Bachelor’s in Web Design and Digital Design

After successfully completing your online bachelor’s degree in arts and design you could find suitable work as:

  • Graphic artists
  • Artists
  • Art directors
  • Fine artists
  • Illustrators
  • Medical and scientific illustrators
  • Cartoonists
  • Sketch artists
  • Sculptors
  • Printmakers
  • Painting restorers
  • Multimedia artists and design animators

List of Universities and Colleges Offering Online Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Design

  • Capella University
  • Kaplan University
  • Westwood College Online
  • AIU Online
  • Art Institute Online, Pittsburgh
  • University of Phoenix
  • University of Liverpool
  • American Sentinel University
  • Ashford University
  • Baker College Online
  • Ellis College
  • Penn Foster Schools
  • American Intercontinental University Online

The Affordable and Quality Web Development Solutions

Offshore software application development focus on delivering quality oriented customized solutions for each business through client server delivery platform. They are cost effective, quality oriented and affordable. No wonder that from a Fortune 500 organization to budding company rush for software development outsourcing to increase awareness and visibility for their products.

The offshore web development services facilities generate business for you, increase the conversion rate and promote your business through optimization. The software development services are as follows:

Customized Software Development Solutions

From a basic Windows and Linux platform to intricate multi-channel software applications, web solutions and desktop publications come under this category. The integral part/ applications of this category are internet based web technologies, managing the database,.Net applications, Flash, Multimedia design/development, Graphic designing and Java programming.

Re -architecture of Existing Website

In the wake of new technologies and new users, it is always recommended to refurbish your website. Before the upgrades, a proper analyze is mandatory to assess the value and extent of reengineering. It needs to be properly evaluated that a part of website needs to be changed or altogether different website should be created from the scratch.

The parts of this service include reengineering of applications and their upgrades, inclusion or integration of new technologies and applications.

Post Maintenance

Be it bug fixing or editing of the content, you want to add new product in your website catalogue or delete something inappropriate, most of the offshore services provider do it free of costs or at nominal charges. The services include in this section mainly related to application or software management, their development and processing.

Varied Database Services

Offshore software development provide cost effective services in several database like MySQL, SQL, Access and Oracle. You can opt for the desired programming language like C#,.NET, Java, PHP, HTML, Perl and Basic as well.

You can utilize the caliber and potential of the offshore developers for the fulfillment of your business needs and market visibility. Their commitment towards service and results ensure long term gain for your organization without influencing your finances adversely. The cost-effectiveness of their services comes without any compromise and terms & conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Offers a Dual Core Application Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a dual core application processor which provides a faster performance and reaction time when using the device and switching between applications. An effective processor and relative clocking speed allow you to do more in a faster time, and provide vital support to entertainment and media apps among other functions.

The 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor offers a powerful solution to mobile performance and introduces faster switching between apps running on the Android operating system which also requires effective rendering of its intuitive user interface. This processor allows you to edit images and load webpages in no time at all. Comparatively, it delivers the processing power of a computer within the extremely slim and elegant design offered by this handset including a large 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display screen with full touch capabilities. Swipe, pinch and tap the handset screen to instantly do what you want on the device.

The Galaxy S2 processing power is also required for the impressive 8 megapixel rear facing camera offered by this handset which allows you to capture full High Definition video at 1080 pixel resolution respectively. Also when playing back the dual core speed capability comes into its own and offers fast response and aids to produce great quality. Other multimedia and entertainment necessitated by the power of the handset dual core processing are the Music and Games hubs which include social network integration. You can use the internal gyroscope sensors which picks up quickly on your dynamic hand and arm movements, along with the accelerometer which also commonly allows you to instantly switch between portrait and landscape.

Among other features, there is now also a Readers Hub which promises to provide the Android answer to electronic books and magazines. It offers a library of classic novels and the latest best sellers along with more than two thousand five hundred magazines, and two thousand newspapers all offered at speed and in crisp text through the vivid display. You are also able to magnify and share easily with friends. This is also yet another application which is fast and reliable thanks to the handsets processing abilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the thinnest form the manufacturer yet at a mere 9 millimeters or less along its body. Within this handset which engages you through its large, sharp display of text and graphics is the power of a dual core processor which underpins the speed and responsiveness of the phone.