The Samsung Galaxy S2 Offers a Dual Core Application Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a dual core application processor which provides a faster performance and reaction time when using the device and switching between applications. An effective processor and relative clocking speed allow you to do more in a faster time, and provide vital support to entertainment and media apps among other functions.

The 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor offers a powerful solution to mobile performance and introduces faster switching between apps running on the Android operating system which also requires effective rendering of its intuitive user interface. This processor allows you to edit images and load webpages in no time at all. Comparatively, it delivers the processing power of a computer within the extremely slim and elegant design offered by this handset including a large 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display screen with full touch capabilities. Swipe, pinch and tap the handset screen to instantly do what you want on the device.

The Galaxy S2 processing power is also required for the impressive 8 megapixel rear facing camera offered by this handset which allows you to capture full High Definition video at 1080 pixel resolution respectively. Also when playing back the dual core speed capability comes into its own and offers fast response and aids to produce great quality. Other multimedia and entertainment necessitated by the power of the handset dual core processing are the Music and Games hubs which include social network integration. You can use the internal gyroscope sensors which picks up quickly on your dynamic hand and arm movements, along with the accelerometer which also commonly allows you to instantly switch between portrait and landscape.

Among other features, there is now also a Readers Hub which promises to provide the Android answer to electronic books and magazines. It offers a library of classic novels and the latest best sellers along with more than two thousand five hundred magazines, and two thousand newspapers all offered at speed and in crisp text through the vivid display. You are also able to magnify and share easily with friends. This is also yet another application which is fast and reliable thanks to the handsets processing abilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the thinnest form the manufacturer yet at a mere 9 millimeters or less along its body. Within this handset which engages you through its large, sharp display of text and graphics is the power of a dual core processor which underpins the speed and responsiveness of the phone.