What Exactly Are 3G Cell Phones and How Do They Work?

3G Cell Phones or Smartphones are cellular phones which take advantage of the the new generation of mobile communications technology. “3G” is the third generation of telecommunications standards and is designed to allow a more robust set of features while also providing a more reliable core functionality.

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) defined the 3G standard to support a more diverse set of applications and also increase data bandwidth. The International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 standard (IMT-2000) also known as “3G” allows not only voice communication but also internet data at broadband speeds. As the acronym suggests, 3G is an international standard and 3G Smartphones are able to work world-wide.

3G Smartphones come with a wealth of new features. In addition to voice and texting, they are able to send and receive data from the internet at blazing speeds. The most common standard prior to 3G is GSM which is limited to 14.4 kbps, the 3G standard is capable of much higher speeds allowing streaming multimedia and online gaming in a portable format.

Being purely digital, 3G wireless networks have a great deal more security than the older analogue systems. Rather than transmitting your conversation to the tower in a an analogue signal which is easy monitor, 3G Smartphones digitally transmit your voice as encrypted data.

Using a 3G cell phone is just like any other cellular phone. To the user the system works exactly like their old phone did. However they will notice a marked improvement in sound quality due to the higher data rates and internet access on 3G Smartphones is around ten times faster allowing streaming video sites like YouTube and Hulu to be viewed.

Many of the new 3G mobile phones have a wealth of software capabilities and with a built-in QWERTY keyboard it is possible to check your email, IM your buddies, keep up with twitter and do most anything you would normally need a computer for.

3G phones are heralding in a new wave of telecommunications options. Young and old, people everywhere are finding new ways to use new technologies to stay in touch, have fun, and keep up to date. The next generation is here and it’s shaking things up.